Cover Reveal: Stranded in a Cabin with a Romance Writer

Vince Mooney
Vince Mooney

Just have to share this email I received from my latest client, Vince Mooney :)

The book is scheduled for future release.  Can't wait!

Hi Rogenna:

I just love the third cover. The Helvetica, caps and lower case, with the richer hero and heroine.
[To clarify: All three covers were a variation of the same cover.]

The tag line really is funny and much better than mine. It also looks better on just one line.
Everything about this cover says “Romance”. I still can’t get over the adorable bear cubs looking back at the reader. This is a far better cover than I would expect to get if I hired models and went out on location and shot it myself. (I was a photographer for a few years. Took shots hanging out of a helicopter! I had to do my own darkroom work which was like washing dishes for hours. I didn’t like it. I spent more time in the darkroom than taking pictures so I moved out of photography and into marketing.)

Can I really use the RWA type shot? I love it. It looks like I really did hire models to sit for the cover. How neat is that? [See second image:  The couple goes from being stranded in a mountain cabin to a romance writers convention.  When I found the white board pose with the same models I knew it made the perfect compliment for marketing his cover and surprised Vince with it.]

Well, I think we are done. I can’t wait to tell the world. This is better than I thought possible. Let me know when you can take another job.

Vince Mooney

Ps.  I've already done a second job for Vince and if you'd like your own custom cover I still have openings through the end of the year!  Also, it's not too early to schedule for next year.  Can't wait to design your next cover!

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