COVER REVEAL: The Frogman, Prince by Rogenna Brewer

The Frogman, Prince
by Rogenna Brewer

A princess, a toad and a curse…

Kissing a toad wasn’t on her agenda. 
Ship’s Captain Lily Chapel is running out of time. Desperate to save her family’s ocean salvage business, Lily risks everything to carry on her late father’s search for the legendary—some say mythical—treasure of the infamous pirate ship, The Golden Curse. The last thing she needs is a scarred frogman commandeering her vessel for his mission. 

Rescuing a princess wasn’t part of his plan. 
Get in, get out and no one gets hurt—a simple credo that's served Lieutenant Tad “The Toad” Prince well…until he meets Lily Chapel. Right from the start this mission was personal. In exchange for information regarding stolen warheads, Prince has promised to absolve his old mentor’s daughter—provided she’s innocent. And if she’s not? 

Can the daughter of a notorious smuggler—a smuggler in her own right—and a hardened Navy SEAL trust each other long enough to uncover a four hundred year old shipwreck and recover missing cold war missiles in the process?


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