COVER REVEAL: Irish Eyes and Irish Rogue by Annie Jones

Forget hearts and flowers, St. Patrick's Day is just around the corner with these two hot, Irish hunks.  Yours is available at amazon and other ebook retailers.

"Ms. Jones has a knack for great things - great characters, great plot, and great dialogue. Her stories draw you in and wrap around you like a cozy blanket." ~ K.Lange 

Irish Eyes
by Annie Jones

A pot of gold involves a social worker in a generations old crime, two families torn apart, two men obsessed with justice, a kidnapped boy and an Interpol agent with the most amazing Irish Eyes. Will she learn that love is the greatest treasure of all?

Jones is a top notch creator of Love and Laughter.
~ Romantic Times

Irish Rogue 
by Annie Jones

Every coin has two sides. Not every bad boy is bad to the bone. Gold, family, lost love, it's time to learn the greatest treasure of all in this follow up to Irish Eyes.

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