Images in Action: Get Noticed on Facebook and Twitter...

April Special: 
FREE promo image with purchase of custom or premade cover.
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I recently discovered the power of images in Tweets when a client asked me to create a facebook ad for a trilogy of covers I designed. I know, I know, but I'm not a big fan of social media or anything that takes time away from cover work and writing. 

But while working on a series of images for my client I decided to create a little somethin', somethin' for myself and has it paid off. I'm seeing more retweets and favorites on Twitter. And I've even started to enjoy Facebook now that my posts are getting likes and shares. 

Plus I like the story these slides tell. If you see an ocean on the cover of a title like One Night in Reno, you might think I don't know my geography. When the truth is this is the fourth cover for this particular novella and the one I like best. 

It's a road trip story that starts with a single mom stranded at a gas station off I-80 and a Navy SEAL who goes above and beyond to help her out. They pass through Reno on the way to their ultimate destination, which is San Diego. So an ocean makes perfect sense to me :) Especially when the series is about a west coast SEAL Team.

I had a friend tell me these types of images were called "memes," but I've since learned meme is simply slang for something that's gone viral on the internet. And while one can hope for that I've also heard these called "quote books" and was told 10 is a good number to cycle through per book. 

For my own purposes I decided on a minimum of three and call them promo slides. I've found 600x300 px to be a nice universal size, but also design to spec as needed. They're fun and easy to make, but if you don't want to DIY, I'd be happy to make some for you....

And please, if anyone knows the name for these things leave it in a comment below so I can use it and not feel like such a social media wallflower :)


  1. I think these are awesome. So professional and cool. What do you think about excerpts on them?

  2. 80 characters or less :) Wish I could remember and credit the blog where I read that. You want whatever you have to say to be short and concise because these are going to fly by on twitter especially and you just want to provide the most important information when you register that first "impression."