COVER REVEAL: Seeking Bliss by Barbara Raffin

From award-winning author Barbara Raffin, book 4 in the St. John Sibling Series, Romantic Suspense: SEEKING BLISS! 

Bliss O'Hara poured all her love into raising her orphaned brother and the romance novels she wrote. Now that her brother's an adult and gone, why isn't she looking for Mr. Right? Because the perfect man for her might just be a creation of her imagination, the hero she penned to life in her crossover action-adventure series. He's not real…until the flesh and blood image of her fictional hero strides off the pages of her novel and onto a television talk show set during an interview.

Former Navy SEAL Jake St. John, the eldest of the St. John siblings, runs a high risk security firm out of Mexico. He's livid someone is putting him and his men at risk by detailing their missions in a novel. Searching out the author leads him to Bliss O'Hara. Turns out the source of Bliss' research has been her brother…who is Jake's computer geek. But now he's missing.

Naturally Bliss wants to find her brother. Jake has his own reasons to hunt down the kid. As the security firm's computer guru, the kid knows way too much about Saint Security. But it isn't a simple case of missing persons. Her brother is mixed up in something that endangers them all. To solve the mystery Jake must work with Bliss. And working with Bliss forces Jake to face he's more than the weapon SEAL training has made of him.

Barbara Raffin grew up a country girl on the Michigan-Wisconsin border, but loves to visit the big city and live the hurried pace now and then. Blessed with a vivid imagination, she’s created stories and adventures in one form or another for as long as she can remember. She wrote her first book at age twelve in retaliation to the lack of female leads in the adventure stories she loved reading. But it is a love of playing with words, exploring the human psyche, and telling stories that keeps her writing. Whether a romantic romp or gothic-flavored paranormal, her books have one common denominator: characters who are wounded, passionate, and searching for love. Her books will make you laugh and cry.

Though fans have likened her writing to that of Nora Roberts, Raffin demurs, saying her romances are about ordinary people falling in love. Raffin also likes to give her characters the kind of roadblocks to overcome most any of her readers might encounter in life.

She lives in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula with her Keeshond dogs Katie and Slippers and her avid outdoorsman husband who continues to support her love affair with reading and writing. Visit Barbara’s web site to learn more about her and her latest romances, the St. John Sibling Series, a series that covers the loves and adventures of five siblings finding love, the first book in her FRIENDS spin-off series, and her paranormal romances both dark and light.

Scroll up now to buy Seeking Bliss: St. John Sibling Series, Book 4, by Barbara Raffin! If you enjoy reading Debbie Macomber's, Rogenna Brewer, Caitlyn O'Leary, and Stacey Joy Netzel's novels, you'll love the St. John Sibling series!

The St. John Siblings are four brothers and one sister who've been raised by loving parents but in the unorthodox world of expats in Eastern Europe where their parents were American Embassy support staff. They go off into adulthood well-adapted and well-equipped to handle life, effectively making them the perfect mates for the conflicted people they fall in love with.



  1. Thank you, Rogenna, for featuring my books on your blog. But even more, thank you for designing a beautiful brand for the St. John Sibling Series covers. One more to go. A man of today playing a Medieval Knight and a Lady Olympic Equestrian. Looks like there's a castle in one St. John brother's future. That'll be one fabulous cover!

  2. My pleasure! I look forward to working on your new cover :)