Business has doubled every six months since...

June 2013...

Graduation 1985 Southern College ~ Orlando, Florida
Grandma and Grandpa Amend, me and
my youngest brother Joe.
I'm dusting off my design degree, Interior Design, that is––and venturing into the art of eBook Cover Design.

Like many of you I'm in my Freshman year as an indie published author. I've been traditionally published and making very little money at it, since 1999.

My budget going into self-publishing was a big fat zero. I've had to learn cover design, formatting and even exchanged critiques for copy and line edits.  Forget advertising, unless it's FREE, it's not in my budget right now.

Oh, the hours I have wasted on social media.  Going in I thought all I had to do was write a good book. It can and should be that simple. Producing the next book is the most important thing you can do for your career. Meanwhile, you shouldn't have to break the bank for a decent ebook cover.

I enjoyed making my own covers so much things soon got out of hand.  Stock sites became my #1 form of procrastination.  Before I even knew there was a market for premade ebook covers I started playing around just to practice new techniques.

If it doesn't matter to you that the college I attended lost it's accreditation in 2001––I graduated long before then––I hope you'll take a look around and find your next ebook cover.

I earned my diploma going to night school while in the Navy. Paid for by the GI Bill. Graduated in March––the same month I was Honorably Discharged––and returned for commencement in June.  My goal at the time was to stay in Orlando as a set designer for Disney.

However, my soon to be husband was being transferred to reactor school in Idaho and I made the fateful decision to go with him. Our first son was born a year from the date of this picture.

Contact: rogenna@rogennabrewer.com